A Friend-ly Surprise Proposal

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Friends are awesome. Friends are even more awesome when they help your future-hubby prepare for such a surprising proposal! We love this real proposal captured by Joy Michelle Photography!

I photographed Kevin and Rebekah’s Baltimore Harbor proposal on Dec. 21st which was an unseasonably warm and beautiful day! Rebekah has been a fan of my work and followed my photography business for a while and told Kevin she liked my work. Kevin contacted me when he was planning to propose and we planned that I would meet them in Baltimore for a portrait session where he would get down on one knee and propose! Rebekah had NO idea and was completely surprised. It was very special as all of her siblings were there to watch!
– Joy Michelle Photography

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Rebekah: So we met at my SURPRISE sixteenth birthday party! (This boy is full of surprises!!) Kev came up to me at my party and asked “can I get your number?” I thought to myself “I don’t know this kid but he seems really sweet so why not!” As soon as i got in the car and left that party I got a text from him asking me if I was surprised! From that point on we literally text 24/7! Over the next couple months we became best friends and Kevin asked me out a few times but I always said no. I always told him “kev you don’t know what I am looking for! I want to build a relationship and marry the man i date and it’s not going to be that way with you cause we are only 16!” Well… Little did I know he really wanted to date me, so 6 months later while i was on our family vacation for the fourth of july he was texting and calling me and one thing led to another …he convinced me that he couldn’t live without me.. and I knew that I couldn’t live without him! I know what your thinking, 16 year olds don’t really know that kind of emotion.. Well we have made it five and a half years and are now engaged! Yesterday December 21st after a long week of planning and having a surprise party for my mothers 50th birthday I woke up to unexpected weather, physical ailments and outfit problems for a trip to see the nutcracker, which was a present for my own birthday! I was completely zonked from all the stress and work from the week before that I didn’t see any of the signs! My siblings, one of my best friends, and Kevin all tricked me to get me to Baltimore harbor where a friend/professional photographer was waiting to trick me into a surprise engagement photo shoot! It ended up being prefect! I told Kevin when he was going to propose I better look good and I need a professional photographer there to capture that amazing moment in our relationship! He did good! I cannot wait for our happily ever after!!

Kevin: I met Rebekah at her 16th birthday surprise party. Rebekah got a cell phone for her birthday and I got her number right away. I texted her non stop. I asked her to prom that year and planned on asking her out, but was told by her friend she did not like me. After finding out that that was false I pursued her and convinced her that I could not live without her. We have been together for 5.5 years and knew that we were getting married, but are waiting till I am out of school to do so. I knew that we would need to get engaged before finishing the plans for the wedding and I wanted to give her the best christmas gift so with her helpful sisters we planned the proposal. We were going to the nutcracker in baltimore as a birthday gift and I thought that was the perfect place to do the proposal. Rebekah had a list of what she wanted at her proposal. One of the top items was that there had to be a professional photographer. We knew Joy from school and Rebekah loved Joy’s pictures, so I messaged Joy and we started planning. I asked Joy if she would not only take pictures but also be a key player in the proposal. Joy was acting like she was in baltimore for another shoot and wanted us to be her models so that she could get the lighting right, and this plan worked perfectly. I told Joy the general area of where I wanted to propose and let the specific location be up to the professional photographer. Rebekah was surprised. The best part is she said YES!

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