A Stunning Brooklyn New York Engagement

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Oh, how we love this gorgeous Brooklyn, New York engagement session from Black & Hue Photography! Not only is the couple adorable – and fantastically styled – this session just boasts that gorgeous big city charm that Brooklyn has to offer. Love!

It was a freezing cold (for us Florida kids) and windy morning on the Brooklyn Bridge, but that didn’t stop us from having a fantastic time with Merri & Pete. We met them for the first time at the beginning of the shoot, but by the end we considered them way more than just clients! I really don’t know how we get so lucky with all of these charming people we get to meet, but I am so thankful! Merri also brought her twin sister Liz along, who helped us so much with our daughter Saylor since our childcare fell through at the last minute! If you’ve had a photo session with us before, you know I love to keep moving and changing locations… but this one almost wore me out! The Brooklyn Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge Park, a local coffee shop, the subway, and the church where Pete’s parents were married… combined with the fact that Merri & Pete walk at a NY pace, contributed to my weight loss on this trip to the Big Apple! It was an amazing day, and we are so glad we made the trek to all of the locations! We hope you’ll take a look at this work and agree that it was worth it!
– Black & Hue Photography

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