Alabama Engagement Session

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This sweet Downtown Birmingham real engagement session has us itchin’ for a trip down south. This session is the bees knees.

Anthony and I met in Colorado. I am from there and he was stationed there. Of all places, we met at a bar. I went out that night with a roommate to celebrate me getting a “Real” job. Once we got there I went to the bartender to order my first drink. There was a guy standing at the bar in front of me and once he saw that I was trying to order a drink he moved over. That guy was Anthony and we were closing out his tab. I ordered my drink and the bartender gave Anthony his tab. Anthony looked over his bill and saw that the bartender had put my drink on his tab. It was a complete accident but Anthony tries to take credit for being “smooth like that”. Jokingly, I told him that “since you bought me a drink I guess that means I have to talk to you”. We ended up talking all night long and he asked for my number before I left. We shared a lot of common interests, we both loved snowboarding so we spent a lot of time in the mountains. We also loved being outside and every weekend that it was warm we went hiking. We had a lot of fun together but what I fell in love with was the kind of person he was. What kept me around was his sense of humor. He had me laughing all the time. Anthony was a “southern gentleman” and was sincere and genuine not only towards me but towards all his friends too. His friends had nothing but the best to say about him. Shortly after we fell in love and first expressed it on a mountain getaway in Steamboat Springs. Ever since we started to think about our future. Anthony was moving back to Alabama once he got out of the military and asked me to go with. I was in love so without a doubt I said Yes! The adventure has been great and it’s so exciting to know that there is more to come. After almost a year living in Birmingham and finally settling in, Anthony asked me to be his wife. Now we are planning the biggest party of our lives and we are beyond thrilled every step of the way.” 
– Liz, Bride

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Photographer:  Al Weddings//Reception Venue: Birmingham Botanical Gardens//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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