All About Love Georgia Engagement

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Rocky & Christie are totally in love and you can see it all over their beautiful faces! We love the color, spunk, and laughter documented in this engagement session from Chil Studios!

We met up with them in downtown Buford, GA where they found a great location for the first part of our shoot. These two are also very active Crossfitters and we were able to capture them in their element at their local Crossfit Box. Although this was our first same-sex shoot ever, a sense of familiarity was looming throughout the day because it was all about love. Witnessing love and happiness is truly the best part of this job. Rocky and Christie have been together for almost 9 years and you can really see how comfortable and loving they are with each other. Their unique personalities made this shoot a lot of fun and really shined through in all of the photos.
– Chil Studios

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