An Intimate Chappaqua, New York Wedding

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There’s something to be said about intimate weddings – take a gander at this lovely documented affair from Monika Photography and you’ll see why we love the soft-spoken moments.

From the Bride & Groom:

We had a few very different ideas about where we wanted to have the wedding, destination wedding on the beach in Florida or a desert in Arizona, Manhattan, or close to home. No matter where we decided to have it, we knew we wanted to keep it intimate with only immediate family and a couple of friends. We opted on close to home to avoid the hassle of traveling far, and having to coordinate transportation for so many people. We wanted to choose a place where we knew we could create beautiful memories. 
A few Google searches later and we stumbled upon Crabtree’s Kittle House. Immediately upon seeing the photos I knew this would be an option for us, and sort of knew deep down this might be the place.

The decor has a vintage feel, the wood trim all around the house is stunning. I just knew our pictures would come out great here. The grounds are beautiful with views of the woodlands in the area. There are also quite a few areas to choose from within the house itself, so depending on the size, and the look & feel you want to achieve you could opt to have your ceremony in a certain area and your dinner somewhere else. For such a small affair such as ours, we knew the wine cellar room would be perfect for dinner! The Kittle House is notorious for delicious food, which was another important factor for us as we both appreciate a good meal! The fact that our guests could stay in the inn also made it convenient, especially with older relatives. I was not disappointed with ours choice at all! To sum it all up, we chose it for its convenience, overall beauty, food, and the team’s flexibility. Really a great place for a wedding of any size!

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer:  Monika Photography//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Ben Sherman//Floral Designer: Cheshire Tree Floral Designs//Restaurant:Crabtree’s Kittle House//Shoes:Ivanka Trump//Makeup Artist:Occasions by Elena//Dress Designer:Watters

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio