Artstic & Colorful Arizona Engagement

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Ummm… can you say AWESOME? We love this creatively captured engagement session from Studio Moirae

HOLY COW! No other way to get into this than to jump right in. When Kate and Derek came to the studio and sat down with me, it was love at first conversation. BOOM! Connection from the get go! From the appreciation of furniture style to chatting over a few beers. . . .it was amazing in the making. As we continued to talk, they let us know that they really wanted us to look outside the box and start playing with some new and creative ideas. So when it came time for their engagement shoot, Christy and I couldn’t wait to get out there and play. When we found the vision to take a double exposure photo and include each-others tattoos on one and other. . . .that was a whole new level.

We had SO much fun! From the first spot till the last, they were full of jokes and laughter and great conversation. Not just letting us play with some new ideas but being a part of the creative process.
– Studio Moirae

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