Baroque Masquerade Italy Styled Shoot

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Ooh La La!! We’re in love with this stunning Italian Styled Shoot from Fibre di luce! Anyone who knows us personally, will know that we LOVE a good masquerade! Perfection!

A setting inspired by masquerade theme, in gold, black and white tones, with some emerald green accents, with tons of lace and feathers, and also some crystals and damask. The make-up and hair styling, both for bride and groom, and also both dresses, are inspired by Baroque / Rococo vintage fashion, but keeping the whole look quite modern to be potentially worn by a real bride or groom (modern trousers, one-shoulder bridal dress, not too high hairdress).
The table has a rich and luxurious golden decor with candle, branches, crystals and no flowers. A non-floral bouquet has been made with rice paper, pearls, lace and feathers. There’s also a sweet table with cupcakes, wedding cake, cake pops and green+gold macarons, and a black+gold glittery calligraphic stationery (invitation + menu + escort cards). The venue has some different rooms and every one was enough “baroque” to take some baroque portrait in, too
– Fibre di luce

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The Style Pros:

Photographer:  Fibre di luce  |  Event Planner: Eventi Speciali di Valentina Tonelli  |  Makeup Artist: Giada Perfetti Make Up  |  Cinema and Video: Giordano Gibbon  |  Floral Designer: iDecoration  |  Dress Designer: MollyWhite  |  Reception Venue: Tenuta Nibea  |  Cake Designer: Torte, amore e fantasia  |  Models: Orazio Tetti Leon & Chiara Nicolanti  |  Handmade stationery, faux calligraphy & shoes makeover: Fibre di luce, Luciana Ognibene

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio