Beautiful California Twin Baby Bump

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We love this adorable maternity session from Zemya Photography! Can you believe this beautiful momma-to-be is expecting twin boys!? The big sis looks as happy as can be about it!

Although we didn’t know it at the time, the last time I photographed this lovely family last fall, we weren’t doing family portraits for three. We were taking pictures of a soon-to-be-family of 5! Just a few weeks after our session, M found out there were twin baby boys snuggled up in her belly. Big Sis, H is happy to tell you about her two baby brothers, and I’m pretty excited to welcome them into this world in a few months.

Today, though? We met to celebrate this beautiful baby bump. I know M said she feels huge, but I don’t see it. She looks pretty perfect the way she is. She is always photographs so beautifully, and styles so well. I loved how H’s blue bow was a perfect match for M’s blue dress. And M’s nails were the same shade as H’s dress. I love those little attentions to detail! The colors were perfect for the olive tree grove we scheduled for our session.
– Zemya Photography

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