Beautifully Captured Surprise Dallas Proposal

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We LOVE featuring real proposals here on Be Minked and we’re just so excited to share this gorgeously captured proposal from Hilary Grace Photography today! Enjoy!

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to capture Sam’s gorgeous proposal to Jennifer in front of First Baptist in Downtown Dallas. Sam took Jennifer to the Fairmont Hotel and told her that this was the first stop on a progressive dinner he had planned for her. Meanwhile I was camped out across from First Baptist staying as inconspicuous as possible while juggling two cameras and a bag of lenses on a busy street! On the way to their second stop they walked past the church and stopped to admire the gorgeous fountains where Sam dropped to one knee and asked Jennifer to marry him! It was an incredible proposal filled with laughter, tears, hugs, and excitement. Next they headed to Sam’s parents’ house. He had invited all of their closest friends and family to celebrate with them and Jennifer was overwhelmed by everyone’s joy and excitement for their next chapter!
– Hilary Grace Photography

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