California Farm Romance Engagement

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What do you get when you mix vintage details, a cute-as-can-be-couple, and a couple of goats? This whimsical engagement session from London Light Photography

Love, chandeliers and billy goats, theses are a few of my favorite things. Spent an exceptionally gorgeous Monday morning at Two Sisters Farms, photographing the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Phipps. Tammy & Kyle’s engagement session was nothing short of spectacular! Touched by Time Vintage Rentals fashioned the awesome idea of “Breakfast in Bed”. The bed of the truck would be used as a platform for the lovely breakfast scene. Tammy rocked a scarlet red plaid long sleeve, red lips and a black crinoline like skirt . Kyle wore a white button up, black suspenders and a pair of jeans. Together they looked beyond adorable! I spent a good portion of the session laughing because of how lovey dovey Tammy and Kyle are together. There was a lot of eye contact, kissing and hugging between them. They have amazing chemistry:) Clearly, soul mates have found one another. Tammy and Kyle, I’m looking forward to photographing your wedding in April!!!!
– London Light Photography

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The Style Pros:

Photographer:  London Light Photography//Makeup Artist:Pro Hair and Make Up Artist //Event Designer: Touched by Time Vintage Rentals

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio