California Ghost Town Engagement

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This engagement session by Swanky Fine Art Weddings is so neat! Finding a ghost town is fun enough but holding your session at one just makes for a truly unique backdrop!

Emily & Justin are the perfect match! They are mix between fun & goofy, but have a business mind like no other. Needless to say these two are extremely creative (given that they are full time wedding photographers), so they were the ones who came up with this fabulous Ghost Town location for their engagement photos. When they told me that they wanted to shoot in a run down Ghost Town, I was ALL about it and jumped at the opportunity.. Deserted Town? YES, please!

We chose to photograph close to sunset so we were able to get the beautiful golden light coming over the california hills. With the california hills, run down buildings and a beautiful couple to photograph their shoot was perfect! I can proudly say, that we all adore their photos and I hope you do too!
– Swanky Fine Art Weddings

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