Candid Perfection Georgia Wedding

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We can’t get over all of the gorgeous candid moments captured by Gagan Dhiman in this stunning affair! The bride & groom, Joshua and Chrissy, are simply glowing and it’s so easy to spot the love they share! We’re positively smitten with this wedding!

Joshua and Chrissy Spero were both my first engagement and wedding clients of the year. In January I photographed their engagement session in Jacksonville, Fl. where they quickly went from clients to friends. Joshua and Chrissy have a contagious love for both one another and Jesus Christ. His love shines through them and I was beyond blessed to photograph them as they tied the knot at Dunham Farms on March 8th, 2014. I began photographing their day with Chrissy and her bridesmaids at 9am as they got their hair and makeup done at Park West Salon, located in historic Savannah with a nice view of Forsyth Park right out the window. Kim Cabrera, the owner of Park West, and her staff did a wonderful job as Chrissy and all of her bridesmaids looked beautiful in their hair and makeup. Upon leaving the salon the bridesmaids and I headed to Dunham Farms where Joshua, with the help of his groomsmen and some close family, were getting everything set up for the wedding. I used this time to capture detail shots and found myself capturing moments of love and happiness even in the wedding preparation. Once the ceremony began it became clear that Joshua and Chrissy are, and will be very loved and supported in their marriage for years to come. After the ceremony everyone enjoyed a lovely dinner of both Italian and southern comfort foods, perfectly complimenting the beautiful southern wedding with an added Italian flare. After dinner the D.J. got every wedding guest up on their feet celebrating and dancing the night away with the newly weds. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Spero!
– Gagan Dhiman

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer: Gagan Dhiman//Event Venue: Dunham Farms//Makeup Artist: Park West Salon//Caterer: Thrive Cafe

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio