Candy Anniversary Shoot

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We love love LOVE anniversary shoots for so many reasons but when you add candy to the mix and a pretty rad couple – we’re suckers for it even more. This is a real deal couple, folks – no styled couple here! It’s probably pretty safe to say that we’re gushing over this shoot from Millie B!

Here’s a little more from the photographer:
“Kaylinda & Jared are a real Nebraska couple – Jared is quiet & reserved while Kay is chuck full of sparkle and lights up the room. We shot their anniversary story in a gorgeous loft in downtown Hastings, NE that boasts high ceilings and plentiful light. Alicia of Ally B Designs created gorgeous stationery for the set while Floral Expressions used her fine eye for detail in creating the florals in perfect pastels. Enjoy!”

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The Style Pros:

Photographer:  Millie B //Paper Props:Ally B Designs//Floral Designer:Floral Expressions//Reception Venue:The Lark (The Listening Room)//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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