Charming Lighthouse Virginia Engagement

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We love the soft & natural feel of this charming engagement session from Bethanne Arthur Photography! Oh, and we LOVE their story too!

Debbie and Aaron met in January of 2012 on an online dating site. When they found out they lived in the same area, they set up their first date. Aaron and Debbie really hit it off, and Aaron had already asked her on a second date before the first one was over. When they began planning their wedding, they decided they wanted to have elements of Texas and Scotland incorporated in their wedding. Aaron is from Texas and Debbie was born and raised in Scotland. Yes, she still has an amazing Scottish accent! Aaron and Debbie planned their wedding to be reflective of themselves, relaxed, surrounded by friends and family, and nothing but love! The proposal was not a dramatic one either, as this couple is super easy-going and laid-back. Aaron simply cuddled up to Debbie and whispered in her ear that he wanted her to be his wife. Aaron and Debbie have been head over heels in love with each other since the first time they met. Aside from getting married, they also joined their two families together. Aaron has a toddler daughter, and Debbie has two teenage daughters.

For their engagement session, we went to Fort Story in Virginia Beach. The Cape Henry Lighthouse served as a beautiful backdrop, and I absolutely fell in love with the way Aaron and Debbie are together! They are so full of fun and love!
Bethanne Arthur Photography

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