Charming Rustic DIY Michigan Wedding

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If it’s beautiful rustic DIY inspiration that you’re after, this gorgeous wedding from  J & E Fusion Photography is about to knock your socks off! We LOVE everything about this wedding right down to the darling couple!

Will & Kelly’s DIY wedding was breathtaking. It seemed to represent their personalities in every way. Having been together since shortly after high school, the pair decided that they would do a first look and see each other before their ceremony–an idea that fit perfectly. It was so clear that they have a love like fine wine, getting better with age. There was a sense of comfort each time they were next to each other throughout the day, the kind that makes people say “I want to be like them”.

Each detail was crafted to perfection, literally. Will handcrafted the arbor which he and Kelly were married below. He designed, crafted, and installed the arbor on the private, beautiful, orchard-like property of a dear family member. Flowers matching the bridal bouquets were mounted on the top of the arbor. With the shifty Michigan weather, he was worried that the vines he was growing along the sides of the arbor wouldn’t amount to much, but summer hit and they flourished! The arbor was beautiful, built with love, just like their ceremony. The ceremony wasn’t very long, and was full of beautiful readings from the mother of the bride and one of the groomsmen. The summer sun illuminated the entire bridal party while their guests enjoyed the view from beneath the shade of the apple trees under which they sat. The ceremony came to a close with a hand binding ceremony. Original, thoughtful, full of beauty, and rich in love–just like Will & Kelly.

The reception area was stunning. Long tables stretched beneath a large white canopy and gracing the tops as centerpieces were wildflowers that also matched Kelly’s bouquet. Each bouquet was inside of a mason jar, sitting a top of hand cut slabs of wood. The food and drink stations were all decorated with beautiful DIY signage, with the phrases “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”. Accents of color, wood, and wildflowers were everywhere, and all of it was created by the beautiful couple.

During the reception Will sang “Let it be me” by Ray LaMontage to his new bride. It was a perfect representation of his feelings toward her. The dancing began, and as the sunny skies gave way to a starry night, guests laughed, hugged, and made memories with the bride and groom. Many of them were enjoying the blazing bonfire toward the back of the property, roasting the marshmallows from the s’more wedding favors they received after dinner.

The entire celebration came together perfectly, and the bride and groom handled every detail. With added help from friends and family, everything that Will & Kelly envisioned, crafted, and built for their wedding came together perfectly. They created and built their wedding together, just as they did for their lifetime of love.
– J & E Fusion Photography

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