Charming Wisconsin Engagement

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So sweet! You can just feel the love from this charming engagement session from Light Source Photography.

Megan and Jesse chose a unique palette for the backdrop of their engagement session. From the rustic barn area to the home of the Milwaukee Brewers and ending in a quiet, wooded area, their choices expressed the diversity of their relationship. Hopelessly in love, the couple was thrilled with any chance to stay close to one another and never needed prompting to kiss. Jesse brought details of their everyday life to create a more personal story. Instead of faking it for the camera, he carefully placed Megan’s hands on his guitar and quietly showed her different chords, without a second thought to the camera clicking away in front of them. They were lost in moments together throughout the entire shoot. At Miller park, the couple donned their favorite jerseys and laughed over memories of great games that they experienced together. Finally ending in the wooded park, they curled up together in a blanket and whispered to one another to allow the camera to capture the true laughter and joy between them.
– Light Source Photography

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