Childhood Charm Tennessee Wedding

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This wedding from Gray Photography is filled with all sorts of wonderfully captured moments! Take a gander at all the love below!

Sometimes I believe in all the hustle and bustle bride-centered weddings (and rightly so) these days we often fail to see and appreciate a precious moment that ought be savored and enjoyed and reflected upon. Because of Kendra, I feel that we got a tiny glimpse into a world that we will never have the privilege to witness again. Kendra choose to get ready in a small room, decorated over many years by a small child growing up. Kendra choose her own childhood bedroom to dawn the dress symbolizing her new life and the putting away of childish things. When I first saw her room, I saw the beads hanging down the doorway and knew that a 13-14 year old girl had lived here and even then she was experimenting and finding her own voice with decor. I saw beautiful light pour in through the window and wondered how many times she had experienced that gorgeous light filling her room . Ribbons, pictures, trophies, her own artwork covered every inch of the small room. Each piece telling us a story that is uniquely her own. We all squeezed into her room,stumbling over wedding gifts, helping her get dressed , watching her look at her self in the mirror,and finally wanting to rush out to be with her groom. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss, mourning, accomplishment, as her mother turned out the light as we all left her childhood never to return. Onto bigger and better things we are sure of, but the reverent moment of moving from a child to a bride none can fully understand but mom and dad. I know that they will come home that very night to a quiet house. The light will stay off in her room for a while but not forever maybe that child will have a child who will run into the room turn the light back on and all will begin again afresh.
– Gray Photography

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