Cinco de Mayo Connecticut Styled Shoot

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! You’re gonna want to keep your jaw from dropping while checking out this absolutely divine Cinco de Mayo Styled Shoot from Carla Ten Eyck Photography! We’d say more, but seriously, we don’t have to. Just scroll on down and prepare to be captivated! This shoot is Fuera del Gancho (off the hook).

Do any of you know what you are celebrating, besides having an excuse to have Margaritas after work? Neither do I!!! The best part is that my Father is from Mexico, so we have this running joke every year where I ask him what the hell Cinco de Mayo is all about. And he tells me. And then I forget! And then I ask him the following year!! Pretty funny stuff you say, no? Well not really I am sure it’s more than a little irritating to my poor padre but what are you gonna do!

This past year has been such a fun year for me photographically- I have created some fun photo challenges for myself and partnered up with some truly amazing creative professionals. They have not only become the creative salve for my soul, then have become true, close, real friends to me. To think that only a few short years ago I felt so incredibly alone in my industry that I had to fly my friend in from Wichita to second shoot with me at a wedding in Mexico because I didn’t know anyone here! True Story!!!

Well, have things changed! OK, back to this shoot. It came about because in all honesty I haven’t really ever seen an abundance of people of color on the blogs- especially in the editorial sections. So as a nod to my heritage I got Alicia and Carlos (who are both Puerto Rican btw) to literally pose as Mexicans for my Cinco de Mayo shoot!!
Carla Ten Eyck Photography

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The Style Pros:

Photographer: Carla Ten Eyck Photography  |  Photography Assistants: Rebecca Hales and Sara Code-Kroll  |  Event Designer: Diana Chouinard for Jubilee Events  |  Beauty: Catie Bane of Dana Bartone and Co  |  Invitation Designer: Coral Pheasant  |  Floral Designer: Datura: a Modern Garden  |  Event Planner: Jubilee Events  |  Dress Store: The White Dress by the shore  |  Veils and headpieces: Twigs and Honey  |  Desserts: Tastease  |  Props: Carlos Hernandez-Chavez & Carla Ten Eyck

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio