Classic & Fun Florida Wedding

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We love this classically beautiful yet quirky affair from Limelight Photography!

There is something to be said about laughter. Walking in to Jeanette’s room I heard light laughter to find them hovered around the bed talking, laughing and watching a sleeping little boy. Immediately, I was in love with this group that was about celebrate a united love and the day before, a baby’s baptism. I could already tell that Jeanette was a very selfless and beautiful woman. And there is a beautiful reflection with the man you marry with wisdom, so I knew that the man she was to marry was the same! Family travelled from several different countries to join them in witnessing this beautiful union, during a crazy holiday and cold season they made it graciously. Mark and Jeanette had such a beautiful joy that was humble and great. They laughed together (not just the couple but the WHOLE group of guests) about the joys, the mishaps and little moments they were sharing together. Jeanette showing love, admiration for all and Mark with gratefulness, a humorous-kind heart and magic tricks that the kids loved. I couldn’t tell who was on the bride’s side and who was on the groom’s side by the way they all interacted with love and just enjoying each other.  What a beautiful thing! My favorite expression of love was not for just them alone but for others, this specific addition new to me, I just have to share. They asked all of their guests to use their name card for their table to stick into three jars, these jars were designated to different charities that Jeanette and Mark will donate to. HOW BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations Mark and Jeanette, you guys were such a pleasure to work with and get to know!  God bless you as you continue forward in your life together!
– Limelight Photography

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The Wedding Pros:

Wedding Photography: Limelight Photography  |  Ceremony: St. Cecelia Catholic Church  |  Reception: Bon Appetit  |  Bridal Gown: Allure Romance  |  Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Sung  |  Cake: Chantilly Cake  |  Florist: The Bride’s Bouquet

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