Classic & Sleek Washington Engagement

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Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple & classic and that’s exactly what Katrina Amburgey Photography did with this lovely engagement session.

The bride to be Nayoung is living in the DC area and hubby to be Jon is living in Texas. With family living all over the place but mainly on the west coast they decided on having their wedding in Seattle. Both were fortunate enough to be able to fly out during Thanksgiving where we met up and did their engagement session. Through out their entire session they never stopped smiling. They were always hugging, holding hands, kissing….I love it when couples aren’t afraid of public affection! Their story is cute too. While Jon was living in DC he decided to try speed dating. After 3 minutes per date and 29 dates later, Nayoung sat down and they didn’t stop talking.
– Katrina Amburgey Photography

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