Colorful Perfection Maryland Wedding

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This wedding from the talented K. Rainier Photography makes me want to get married all over again {same dude of course}. Oh, love love LOVE.

The look for this beautiful DIY vintage wedding was planned and coordinated by the bride, Kate. Kate and her best friend Angie are the co-owners of Milk & Ice Vintage, in Baltimore, Maryland. They love thrifting and finding beautiful antique and vintage treasures. They were able to execute this beautiful look with mostly items they found while thrifting.  Some of the details unique to this event that made it feel cool, fun and intimate were: the handmade signage, DIY table settings created with “blinged out” found bottles, vintage salt and pepper shaker favors, and antique rugs decorating the aisle that Kate walked down. The venue fit this event perfectly. The 2640 Space on St. Paul Street in Baltimore is a beautiful church that was “repurposed” to host weddings, receptions and events. Kate has an eye for charm, and it showed in all of the unique details, including her perfect choice of location. 

Kate and Alex are an adorable couple who have an old-school charm that just puts you at ease when you meet them, and that is how their wedding day made the guests feel. The event was relaxed and fun, as evidenced by the “please seat yourself” sign and the fireball mini-bottles for guests. They also have a beautiful love story, which culminated when Kate surprised Alex by walking down the aisle to the song that they listened to on their first date. Thoughtful details were not only beautiful but meaningful. Kate’s best friend and business partner, Angie, officiated the wedding, and her other best friend, who couldn’t fly to Baltimore from the west coast because she was expecting, gave a prerecorded speech that was projected onto a big screen as a surprise for Kate and Alex.  All in all, every detail was carefully thought out from start to finish, and Kate and Alex’s day was beautiful and unique.
– K. Rainier Photography

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer:  K. Rainier Photography//Event Venue:2640 Space//Caterer:Big Bad Wolf Barbeque//Dress Store: J. Crew//Design and Decor:Milk & Ice Vintage//Jewelry:Sturgis Antiques//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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