Dreamy Florida Sunset Beach Engagement

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This swoon worthy sunset beach engagement session from Luna Bella Photography is bound to knock your socks off and make you dream of summer days.

Check out this sweet couple’s proposal story from the bride:
“Eric and I were shopping at a mall and Eric had made plans to go to dinner in Siesta Key and walk the beach and catch the sunset. It was a very casual day and I didn’t expect anything! We got to the beach, Eric went back to the car to get his phone/camera (but he was really getting the ring!) and then we walked the beach, picked a spot in the sand, sat and watched the sunset. Eric stated that he was going to write a message in the sand and I had to guess what it said.. this was typical for us to make challenges and games for each other. When I was told to turn around, I saw “Heather, will you marry me?” written in the sand and I was so proud of myself for guessing it correctly that I didn’t realize that he was actually asking me! I turned around and he was on 1 knee and asked me. I replied, “Are you sure?!” and then with a big “Yes!” We then prayed together… a very tearful prayer and talked about how he planned this and all the details that went into the surprise. We then called family and friends and told them the news!”

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