Dreamy Playa Mujeres Trash the Dress Session

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Have you been considering a Trash the Dress session? This TTD session from Presta Imagery is absolutely stunning and makes us long for that hot Mexico sun. Gorgeous!
Trash the dress photography shoots are always a blast!  But when you add soft white sand and the warm Mexican sun, you have a shoot for the ages!  Before going to Mexico, we knew that we had a rare opportunity to do a trash the dress shoot with a backdrop that can rival any other.  Doing this shoot basically became a must and it was planned for as early as the photography for the wedding itself.

This trash the dress shoot was done the day after Stacey and Matt’s destination wedding.  As we are sure you could imagine, everyone started out the morning pretty tired.  So, we started the shoot more slowly and intimately in the bride and groom’s suite and then found our way down to the beach.  The warm sun and comfortable lounge furniture continued us on a more relaxed feeling.  Then, we went into the ocean for a blast of energy and excitement.  And, oh, did it deliver!

This was a fun, intimate, and relaxed shoot that will go down as one of our favorites to date.  We hope that you enjoy the images just as much as we enjoyed capturing them!
Presta Imagery

Winkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer33_lowWinkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer22_lowWinkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer25_lowWinkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer15_lowWinkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer29_lowWinkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer17_lowWinkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer28_lowWinkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer26_lowWinkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer14_low Winkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer27_low Winkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer32_lowWinkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer35_lowWinkler_Granata_Presta_Imagery_PrestaImageryMexicoDestinationTrashtheDressPhotographer30_low


The Pros:

Photographer:  Presta Imagery  |  Dress Store: Alluring Brides  |   Dress Designer: Enzoani Casablanca  |  Venue: Excellence Resort


From the Beautiful Bride:

Matt and I decided we wanted to do a destination wedding about two years before we were engaged. We started proposing the idea to our family and closest friends to see what they thought about it and behold, they all thought it would be a great idea – the one time we could get everyone together on a vacation. Matt and I have been together since we were 18. We have known each other since elementary school and even went to our 8th grade dance and senior prom together.

On March 29, 2011, Matt proposed to me with a personalized fortune cookie and I of course said yes. The planning began… I immediately started reading blogs and finding information out about destination weddings. I contacted my travel agent and we narrowed it down to Mexico. Matt and I had vacationed in Mexico in 2010 and loved it. Lucky for us, our travel agent knew the kind of resort we were looking for and gave us a list of her top three choices. From there I narrowed it down to the Excellence in Playa Mujeres. I wanted my guests to be “wowed” by the resort and they sure were. The grounds were beautiful, the restaurants delicious, the staff amazingly accommodating, and the weather perfect!

When the wedding was all said and done I could not have asked for a better week with my most favorite people in the world. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Thank you Presta Imagery for capturing it all!

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio