Dried Flowers Wedding Confetti

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How cool! We love wedding confetti for two reasons: a) it’s fun to toss and b) it makes for killer moments for your photographer to capture! Check out LarkspurHill‘s shop on etsy for more beautiful flower confetti combinations.

A little extra info from LarkspurHill:

Dried multi-colored flowers and petals of every color grown here on Larkspur Hill in my home garden just for your special day. Over 8 cups full of flowers and petals and leaves.

Your wedding aisle will be stunning strewn with gorgeous whole flowers and petals.
My dried flowers are welcomed by wedding venues because they do not stain the carpets.
The flowers/petals will change with each collection, but each is vibrant and colorful.

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio