Elegant & Glamorous New Jersey Wedding

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Attention glam-loving Minks – you’re about to fall in love. This wedding from Heyn Photography is filled to the brim with bling, style, and a totally adorable couple – We just knew when we featured their Mad Men Style Engagement Session that we were going to LOVE their wedding!

We could not wait for Kaity and Ryan’s wedding and it was everything we had expected and more! Kaity and Ryan wanted a very classic look. We had joked with them that they were right our of a ‘Mad Man’ episode. Kaity was so stunning, her embellished ball gown fit her perfectly. She chose pair of satin blue Manolos with a massive silver buckle to complete her look. Ryan was very dapper with his fitted tux. The color scheme was Navy with hints of coral and orange. We chose Monmouth University as the perfect space to go with their classic look. The reception was held at the very elegant Clarks Landing. Clarks Landing is a gorgeous venue that exceeds the expectations of the brides, grooms, and guests. This wedding was the epitome of class.
– Heyn Photography

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer:  Heyn Photography//Reception Venue:Clark’s Landing Caterers

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio