Elegant Los Angeles California Engagement

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Swoon! Check out this absolutely stunning engagement session from David and Tania Photography. It’s perfectly divine.

Vegas. The Palazzo. Roulette.  Those are the three things that brought Min and Greg together, along with the grace of God.  Min was in Vegas with her girlfriends for a girl’s weekend away and Greg was there for one night to have one last hurrah before being deployed for the 5th time to the Middle East.  As Min was playing at a roulette table, Greg watched her from a distance, debating whether or not to approach her.  Finally, after an hour of debate, he sat next to her at the table and started playing.  Immediately, Min noticed him and there was an instant attraction.  While they kept playing, Min struck up conversation with Greg and they began talking about where they were from, what they were doing in Vegas, and what plans they had that night.  After some flirting they exchanged numbers and went their separate ways with plans to meet later that night.

Later that night, they met up and had the night of their lives.  They danced, they laughed, and even shared their first kiss.  Instead of saying their goodbyes, they decided to spend the entire night talking, getting to know each other.  They talked about anything and everything.  Then as the sun rose, they said their sad goodbyes and promised to keep in touch.

While Greg was deployed for 6 months, they kept in touch by email, letters, and phone calls.  They fell completely in love and began planning for their lives together once he got back.  It was only a matter of time before their lives together could begin.  Afterwards, Greg came back to the States, and moved to Corpus Christ, TX where Min followed him.  After only a year of being together, Greg took Min on a surprise trip to Chicago for the weekend and proposed to her.  And of course, without hesitation, she said yes!

Now they are planning their wedding that will be held at the Muckenthaler Mansion in Fullerton, CA.  The minute they both saw the venue, they knew that it was the place for them.  Not only was it gorgeous, but the entire feel of the mansion made them feel like it was the right place for them to meet together before their friends, family, and God to make their vows, to promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.  The mansion is full of beautiful flowers and greenery which they both love.  The feel is relaxed and homely, yet still elegant.  Dancing under the stars with a string of lights above them could only add to the romantic vibe that the Muckenthaler Mansion provides.  They are both excited to finally become one and make a reality all of the dreams that they planned together when they were apart.
– David and Tania Photography

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