Fabulous Costa Rica Engagement

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We love everything about this fabulous Costa Rica engagement session from Ella Photography! Read the lovely couple’s engagement story below and then go take a gander at their super sweet session below… and be happy. 

From the beautiful bride-to-be:

Alex proposed on his birthday. We were both in the middle of exams — Alex was in law school and I was in grad school — and for some reason he was adamant that we go to the dog park that morning. It was beautiful out and I was feeling cabin-fever-ish, plus he never outright asks for anything, so I was more than willing. When we got there, we played fetch with the dog for a while. I noticed there was a woman taking photos across the park, sometimes of Besa — I just assumed that she was taking photos of a pretty dog in a pretty park on a pretty day. We were meandering around the park when Alex remembered that he had Besa’s dog tags, which had fallen off. He asked if I would help him put the tags back on and offered to hold her. He kneeled down to hold Besa and held out her tags in his hand. At the bottom of the tags was the most perfect ring. Obviously, I started crying — I’ve never been so surprised in my life. Through my tears he asked, “Will you give me the only birthday present I’ll ever want for the rest of my life?” Turns out Alex hired the woman with the camera to capture the whole event on film. She was supposed to disappear if I said no. I answered with a resounding yes 🙂 At first we planned to have a huge, local wedding. We even put down a deposit for a barn close to where we live. As we started getting deeper into the planning, though, we realized how much we didn’t want that kind of wedding. We toyed with the idea of a destination wedding and ultimately picked Costa Rica because their hot season is the dead of winter! Once we found Donna from Pura Vida Weddings, everything was easy. We can both be a bit Type A, so it was better for us to have the wedding far away — fewer dilemmas over details. We were strategic about the date, though. Besides being freezing cold in DC, 2.3.14 flowed off the tongue incredibly well — it was fun to say!

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