Fabulous & Fun New Orleans Wedding

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It’s no big secret that there’s a special place in our hearts for NOLA. We love love love The Big Easy and we’re swooning over this wedding from Arte De Vie! Just keep scrolling and get all that wonderful Louisiana charm!

Rebekah and Thomas were just an absolute pleasure to work with and I think I’m in love with pretty much all of their images! What was supposed to quite possibly be a rainy day turned out to be just perfect and dry with the right amount of soft, overcast light to make some beautiful images! Rebekah’s day started off with her bridal prep at the Hotel Mazarin, which was also the location for the ceremony and reception. Everything went great and I just loved the balcony her room had and the images it provided us. The vibrant yellow and the shutters almost reminds me of a Tuscan villa rather than the French Quarter! Thomas’ day started off a bit more challenging, as he realized his credit card must have swiped the night before and someone generously rang up several thousand dollars in charges real quick. The card was quickly cancelled and his day got a lot better once it was time for their First Look!

The Hotel Mazarin has a smaller courtyard hidden to the back of the second floor which is absolutely perfect for a First Look and all the group formals and we didn’t even have to leave that area for the photos with just the two of them. Based on their personalities I took a much looser approach to the group formals and really love how those turned out, especially the little moment I caught in between with her mom resting her head on her cheek that you can see below. The ceremony was wonderful and lead into a pretty good dance party with Quinn from Impulse Entertainment providing the sounds for the night. Their French Quarter wedding was made complete with a 2nd Line lead by the Young Pinstripe Brass Band and all of their out of tow guests just had an absolute blast!
– Arte De Vie

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer:  Arte De Vie//Hair Stylist:Bella Bride//Dress Designer: Demetrios//Bakery: Haydel’s//Other Location: Hotel Mazarin//Shoes: Jimmy Choo//Floral Designer: Kim Starr Wise Floral Events

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio