Family Farm South Carolina Engagement

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Sure, sometimes choosing the perfect location for your engagement session can be tough… but what happens when you choose a location that has true meaning to you as a couple? Magic happens. We’re swooning over this oh-so-natural engagement session from Earthmuse Photography. It has charm, romance, and a whole lot of character. Love.

This beautiful bride-to-be wanted to have her engagement session in a spot that meant a lot to her – filled with childhood memories and surrounded by the love of family. Her grandparent’s farm in South Carolina was hands down the only choice – where she spent summers fishing, 4-wheeling, hiking, spending time with family on the swing, having fish fries and eating blackberries from the bush. Her fiance loves her special get-away as much as she does. He even asked her to marry him in a tree stand on the property!
– Earthmuse Photography

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