Fantastically Flirty Mississippi Engagement

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We’re over-the-moon in love with this perfect engagement/elopement session from Aleea Burge Photography! The couple is gorgeous, the location is gorgeous, and their story is gorgeous too! Read on for more sweet deets.

This was an elopement/engagement shoot!!This couple was amazing to work with!!! Brein and Jeff were so outgoing and so VERY much in love!!! When Brein emailed me about taking her engagement pictures i was excited! I LOVE photographing couples and the love they share! I was even more excited when she told me that they were eloping and that these would be the only photos they would have taken for memories! After a few emails back and forth Brein told me that she liked pictures in a field using a vintage theme. When she told me this I knew the perfect place! In my hometown i brought them into a neighborhood that had an ivy wall and behind there was the perfect field! It was summer time and the grass was SO green! The weather was perfect and love was in the air!! From the start you could tell Brein and Jeff were madly in love! I did not even have to tell them to laugh because they were laughing on their own!! I was so glad when Brein decided to bring her vintage bike!! It added such character to some of the images!! For the field pictures the couple brought a blanket that Jeff’s grandmother had made for his parents when they got married! They then passed it on to Jeff and Brein as a wedding gift! These pictures are so romantic and personal! This is my favorite engagement shoot to date!!
Aleea Burge Photography

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