From Wingman/Wingwoman to Happily Ever After

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This engagement session from Brittany Pelegrino Photography is absolutely spectacular and this sweet couples’ story below is just as awesome! Love!

This engagement session was hands down one of the funnest sessions I have ever had. Brittany and Bradford have a true love for one another and it is evident in the way they look and interact with each other. I love that after our session was done Bradford looked and me and said, “Who thought engagement pictures could be so fun?” I love when couples are able to relax and spend a few moments just being with one another and enjoy being engaged. I can’t wait for their fall wedding at Berry Hill Resort 🙂

In January of 2012, Brittany and Bradford met through mutual friends who were going out on a date – Bradford was his wingman and Brittany her wingwoman. Although it did not work out for their friends, these two instantly hit it off and began dating. Within the first two weeks of their relationship Bradford attended a coed baby shower with Brittany and helped her pick up her recently neutered dog from the vet with her 4 year old niece and then went to lunch all together – Brittany knew this one was a keeper!

On July 4th 2013, Brittany and Bradford were staying at Smith Mountain Lake for the holiday and had decided to go for a walk with their golden retriever Milo. Once they had reached the top of the neighborhood hill, Brad got down on one knee and asked Brittany to marry him! They were then able to go back down to their family’s dock and celebrate with all who was in town. Nobody in Brittany’s family knew except for her Dad – who just two days prior was surprised by Bradford who drove 3 hours to the lake in order to ask for his daughters hand in marriage – and Brittany’s younger sister, Taylor, who helped him design the ring.

Brittany and Bradford love traveling, getting together with friends, grilling out and entertaining. They have nothing in common – Brittany is a type A organizing and planning kind of person and Bradford is much more laid back and a more go with the flow type of person. They are still learning how to balance the two, but love the journey because it is making it that much more exciting.

What does Bradford love most about his bride-to-be? He loves her passion, integrity and honesty. Bradford says that she has a gift for treating everyone she meets with an amazing amount of openness and kindness.

What does Brittany love most about her soon-to-be hubby? She loves how Bradford is genuine to everyone he meets – he is kind, thoughtful, always trying to be the best for them as a couple. He takes such good care of their dog Milo and she knows he will be a wonderful father. Brittany also loves how he truly cares about her family but most of all that he listens to her and makes her laugh every day.

This couple is so full of love and light I just had an absolute blast shooting their engagement session. Their wedding this September at Berry Hill Resort is going to be gorgeous!
– Brittany Pelegrino Photography

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Photographer:  Brittany Pelegrino Photography//Hair Stylist: Dolled Up//Location: Downtown Raleigh

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