Fun & Flirty Fort Worth Texas Engagement

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It’s not even possible for these two sweeties to get any cuter! Their love is infectious and these moments captured by GM Photo & Video are absolutely delightful! Go ahead, scan through these images and smile. So sweet!

What an amazing day was with this couple. I met Dana at one of the Bridal Expos I was displaying my business. She approached me and made a few questions and then she complimented my collections because by that time I was implementing wedding leather albums in my collections and, since she has a BA on marketing she was, I assume, impressed with the idea and I guess that is something that woke her interest in my services. She then contacted me later on and we had an amazing time talking about their wedding and meeting Juan was also awesome. This couple showed soooo much love for each other that made me believe in real love. I seriously can’t wait to photograph their wedding which I know it will be a blast.
– GM Photo & Video

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