Fun on the Family Farm Canada Wedding

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Did you have your family Donkey at your wedding? Chances are, you probably didn’t but Alanna & Jacob did! We can’t get over how adorably charming this wedding from Damara Moe Photography is! The color, the love, the laughter, oh my!

A boat trip, a beautiful drive, a warm family home, a donkey, a group of cherished friends. The sweetest bride so in awe of the process of the wedding day and a groom that knew her so well.

Alanna and Jacob married at his family home in Gibsons and it was such a wonderful, intimate day. They got ready at a B&B in town and then spent the rest of the day at the family home. Ceremony and reception were in one place…and guests celebrated the night away. When it is a small wedding you feel really honoured being a part of it and I felt so special being included in their wedding day. This wedding adventure was a meeting up of old friends and getting to capture their vision for memories and years to come.

Alanna put SO MUCH WORK into her vision and it came across beautifully!!! I was so impressed with all her details and they went perfectly with Jacob’s parents home. Their home reminded me of my grandmothers…little details and stories all throughout the property…and Alanna’s vision worked amazingly with it. She had old yellow lace table runners, barrels that served as the punch table, window table chart, the most amazing flowers, individually chosen glass salt-and-pepper shakers, gators holding drinks (kid and adult sized), paper lanterns, amazing local food, signs everywhere, flip-flops for dancing later. And a donkey. The family donkey made a small appearance at their wedding.
Damara Moe Photography

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 The Wedding Pros:

Photographer: Damara Moe Photography  |  Bakery: Candy Apple Bakeshop  |  Floral Designer: Gibsons Florist  |  Equipment Rentals: Gibsons Party Rental  |  Location: Shades of Jade B&B

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio