Glamorous & Fun Ontario Wedding

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Want the perfect example of how to go glam on your wedding day but keep it from being stuffy? Well, here you go! This wedding from Manifesto Photography has laughter, joy, and fun all packaged up in a gorgeously classic affair! We’re so in love with every-single-detail. Get that pinning finger ready, this one’s filled to the brim with pin-worthy inspiration!

We’ve been looking forward to Derik and Alisha’s wedding since their first meeting with us. These two are so creative, thoughtful, and in love. We knew it was going to be an incredible celebration.

The girls’ morning started out with pampering and mamosas at One Salon and Spa and ended with final preparations at the Hilton, where they shared some laughs and worked through the butterflies in their stomachs. The guys had a relaxing time at Alisha and Derik’s beautifully renovated home, shining up their cowboy boots and cracking jokes.

The atmosphere at the ceremony was thick with feelings of excitement and love from friends and family. After 12 years together, it was a highly anticipated moment by everyone! Alisha’s cousin Kelsey St. Amour ushered all of us into a special place with her violin playing and the look on Derik’s face when he saw his beautiful bride walked down the aisle pushed our emotions over the edge. It was enough to make this photographer shed a tear!

It started to drizzle out, and since Derik and Alisha are big country fans we thought Bull & Barrel would be a perfect spot for some fun wedding party photos. Once the weather cleared up, we headed over to Willistead Park for some pictures of the newly married couple with the gorgeous fall colours.

Derik and Alisha love hosting parties and anyone who knows them will tell you they go all out. Naturally their wedding at Ciociaro Club was the party of all parties and wow did their guests know how to have a good time! We stayed late into the night just to enjoy the entertainment from Celebrity Music and the phenomenal singing of Alisha’s Dad, Harrison Kennedy, and her good friend Jen Knight.
– Manifesto Photography

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer:  Manifesto Photography//Event Planner: Celebrity Music//Dress Designer: Christina Wu//Reception Venue: Ciociaro Club of Windsor//Event Designer: Designs by Diane//Cinema and Video:E/Motion Films//Shoes: Figgie Shoes//Dress Store: It’s Your Day Bridal Boutique//Musicians:Jen Knight//Transportation:Limos by Mr. J//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Monty’s Formal Wear//Etsy Designer:MRTS Jewelry//Floral Designer:Oak Farms//Hair Stylist:One Salon and Spa//Ceremony Location:Our Lady of Assumption Parish//Necklace: MRTS

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio