Gorgeous Rustic Winter Alberta Engagement

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We love the winter charm & rustic beauty of this engagement session from Davin G Photography. The couple is charming and the photography is simply beautiful. Bravo to the second half of Davin G Photography (Lisa) on some seriously gorgeous shots captured on her first run. Lovely, indeed.

For those of you who follow us, you know that I take the photos while Lisa gets our clients comfortable & helps with posing. This has been our plan since the beginning & has worked well for the most part. However, we recently decided to get Lisa behind the lens more during our sessions, snapping photos at different angles to achieve a different perspective for our clients. Our plan is to be a husband/wife team where we BOTH operate the cameras, especially during weddings where we can provide full-day exclusive coverage of the bride & groom. After several months of teaching Lisa the basics in operating a camera along with obtaining first-hand experience snapping photos for her personal blog, I’m confident to say that she is ready to be my second shooter!

Back in January we had the pleasure to photograph engagement photos of my brother & his wife-to-be, Krista. This was Lisa’s first shoot where she not only helped with posing & carrying equipment but also snapped some photos (Lisa wielded the Canon 5D Mk2 with the 35mm f/1.4 while I shot with 5D Mk3 with the 50mm f/1.2). We shot these photos at my Baba’s farm which was the perfect location, incorporating the beautiful trees, the old barn, machine shop, & even a dilapidated swing set where I remember swinging on with my brothers when we were young. Dayton & Krista were troopers as I convinced them to pose for some photos in the chilly, dusty, & cat-infested barn, especially since my brother is an asthmatic.
– Davin G Photography

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