How to Give A Flawless Wedding Toast

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What would a wedding reception be without a great wedding toast? It’s like having a wedding cake without the icing! The wedding toast is a profoundly moving gesture, as it conveys to the bride and groom the heartfelt wishes of everyone who attended the wedding.

The wedding toast is usually given first by the best man, then the father, the groom and the bride, and then followed by those who would like to give a toast. Versions may vary, however.

Other traditional sequences of wedding toasts also follow the best man as the first one to give the toast, followed by the groom who says a few words to his bride, parents, family, and members of the wedding party. After which, the groom is then followed by other people such as family members or friends who also want to give a toast, and then lastly, the father of the bride who thanks everyone for attending the wedding.

On the other hand, a nontraditional manner of the sequence of wedding toasts starts off with the emcee toasting the bride and groom. This is followed by the groom saying a few words to the guests and his bride, followed by the bride giving a little speech to her parents and in-laws, and finally, the father of the bride thanking everyone who shared this special day with them.

Don’t’ like these traditional options? Who says you have to keep it traditional at all?! Make your wedding your own and plan your toasts to best flow with your own unique ideas and style.


The Actual Toast

Ever since a monk named Dom Perignon invented champagne, it has since become the number one drink during wedding toasts. So before performing the wedding toast, make sure that your own glass as well as the glasses of other people (most especially the bride and groom’s) are also filled with the toasting drink.

Stand next to the bride and groom when giving your toast, and using a spoon, tap your own glass in order to get people’s attention. Raise your glass using your right hand held straight from your shoulder, and then you can begin the wedding toast.


Wedding Toast Tips

Preparing the Speech: Practice!
Giving a wedding toast, albeit a short one, in front of so many people can be quite a nerve-wracking experience. However, it doesn’t really have to be, not as long as you come prepared. Write your speech down so you’ll know exactly what to say. Let it come straight from the heart, so that you will be able to convey the sentiments you want to impart to the couple that you are toasting. Still a little nervous? Try practicing your speech in front of a friend for feedback on both the content and delivery of your speech. The key is to practice until you feel confident and comfortable enough to deliver it in front of a crowd.

Keep your wedding toast brief and straight to the point. The last thing you want to do is divert attention away from the happy couple. Nobody wants to listen to an extremely long speech, so remember this word: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple). Don’t know how short is short enough? A good measurement of a wedding toast is around 3 minutes.

Giving the Speech
While giving the wedding toast, speak loudly and clearly especially if you don’t have a microphone. Talking loudly gives you a certain presence, and now that you have the audience’s undivided attention, it’s important to hold it by not mumbling your words. So remember to talk slowly, because this is not a race to get you to finish your speech as fast as you can. Don’t forget: The guests actually want to hear what you have to say!

Make Eye Contact & Smile!
Having your speech or cue cards printed out is indeed a great help in giving a wedding toast, but remember not to read it straight out from beginning to end. Make eye contact with the audience and the happy couple, so that they feel that you really are speaking to them. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the most important detail of all: Smile! This is a joyous event, and your smile should actually say so!

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