Love & Laughter Michigan Engagement

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We love everything about this playful engagement session from Wren Photography! The snowball fight, the s’mores, the farm, the tire swing, and even the marshmallow snowmen! Yes, this session is filled to the brim with all sorts of adorable & sweet ideas to accompany the totally cute couple! Sure, love is a beautiful thing but, let’s-play-in-the-snow-and-laugh-a-lot love… that’s an awesome thing.

Nestled in the middle of nowhere Donny and Kami’s cabin in the woods made for the perfect location for the winter engagement session. Their session truly had it all; roasting s’mores over a bon fire, snow angels, snowball fights, and of course hot coco. Kami & Donny brought us down to their camp in Randville, MI for a day of laughter and fun. We started in the back of the property, with the sun shining through the tall trees. Shortly into the engagement session the snow started to fly in one of the most epic snowball fight we’ve seen! After a quick warm up and outfit change it was back outside they went. We truly don’t know what we loved more—roasting s’mores over the fire with them, enjoy a hot cup of hot coco, or their snow angles, either way it all made for great photos! We ended their epic engagement session with a quick sway on the tire swing and went on our merry little way. We loved being able to photography Kami & Donny’s engagement session and are even more excited to photograph their summer at this same exact location!
– Wren Photography

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