Magazine Loving West Virginia Engagement

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You don’t want to miss the sweetness in this love story sent to us from Kelly Broyles Photography! The charming portraits taken by the magazine racks at Taylor Books are just too cute! Love!

Mark & Katelyn lived just around the corner from one another growing up but their paths never crossed. Mark’s mother lived in a different school zone and Katelyn attended the high school for the zone where they lived meaning they never had the chance to have classes together or mutual friends. Only a few streets separated them, yet they had no clue that someday they would meet and marry! Fate had already decided the couple was meant to be.

Katelyn’s Dad & Mark were friends which is how Mark found himself at Katelyn’s high school graduation party where he immediately became smitten but he kept his feelings to himself at the time. Almost a year later their fathers were teasing Mark that he should ask Katelyn out on a date and without Katelyn’s knowledge her father gave Mark her telephone number. She received a text from Mark asking her to hang out. They spent their first evening together sitting on her front porch talking for a couple hours until finally Mark asked her on a date! Neither of them knew that a few years later they would be engaged to be married.

Three years and five months later Mark insisted on taking Katelyn to her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. After dinner he said he wanted to go for a drive in his Corvette and drove her to Sandbridge Beach in Virginia. Mark insisted they go for a walk on the pier despite the fact it was pitch dark along the sidewalk except the streetlights. They reached the pier to find they were the only ones there. Mark made random comments about the weather and the waves and then got down on one knee and proposed!
– Kelly Broyles Photography

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