Meant to Be Michigan Engagement

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This engagement session from Lisa Hodack Photography is as sweet as can be and their story (below) is just as charming! Love!

Taylor and Joe met at a wedding, but it wasn’t for another 4 years until they saw each other again. After going on a dinner date with some friends, they wondered why they waited so long to start hanging out. They soon fell head over heals for each other and two years later, Joe proposed to Taylor in Traverse City. I was so excited when this couple asked me to go with them to Mackinac Island for their engagement session. Since it’s now a tradition of theirs to go to Mackinaw every year, it was the perfect spot for their session. It was a nice sunny day and since it was after the busy season, it wasn’t too crowded! Before this trip, I hadn’t been on a bike in years, so I’m pretty impressed that I didn’t cause any bicycle accidents or ride through any horse manure on the streets! 🙂 After spending lots of time with this couple, I’m super excited for their wedding to come!
– Lisa Hodack Photography

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