Modern Nevada Museum of Art Wedding

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This amazing real wedding at the Nevada Museum of Art from Jeramie Lu Photography has left us speechless and in awe. This wedding rocks so much, it makes us want to get married all over again. Take a peek below and get inspired by all of the modern flair. Love!

Here’s a little more from the photographer:

“Everything about this wedding is urban, modern and downtown Reno. We started at the coolest hotel and casino, The Siena, to grab some amazing dress shots and to get the bride ready. Then walking to an amazing museum where the ceremony takes place on the roof. The clouds start to build as rain sprinkles while the bride walks with her father towards her husband to be. Not enough rain to change anything but enough to cool the air and bring in bright vibrant clouds. Grabbing some shots throughout the museum in areas meant only for viewers we got some really special shots. I walked them to their reception site snagging a few images. We get into a very trendy upscale restaurant that is set up just for them. Reno everywhere while friends and family dance all night and party it up. This couple only wanted to spend the night with those they loved. I am beyond excited for this!”

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer:  Jeramie Lu Photography//Floral Designer: B&B Designs//Cake Designer: Delicious Designs Cakes & More//Event Planner: Forget Me Knot Events//Event Designer: Forget Me Knot Events, Ltd.//Event Venue: Nevada Museum of Art//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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