New Beginnings Georgia Engagement

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This lovely engagement session from Love Dot Photography is not only beautifully shot, it has a charming story of new beginnings to go along with it! A new home and a new start together. We love this idea and their lovely new home too! Congrats Wes & Kasey!

This session was incredibly special to Wes and Kasey because they wanted to incorporate their 1st new home into the session in the quaint town of Forsyth, Georgia. It was still under contract, so we couldn’t go inside, but you could tell that they were excited! It was palpable!

One of the neat things about Kasey was that she wanted the photos to be natural and pure. No props, themes, etc. She wanted the photos to stand the test of time because their love is authentic and pure. As a photographer, I meet tons of couples, but there was something about this couple that just stood out to me. Obviously, they are both totally gorgeous – but there was so much genuine affection for each other in this session that it was truly inspiring.
– Love Dot Photography

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