Ocean Air Romance Washington Engagement

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We love this beautifully documented engagement session from IJ Photo! From the lovely pops of color to the stunning backdrops, this engagement is filled with love, laughter, and breezy ocean romance!

Rachel and Cary have a perfect romance. They are tender and sweet to each other and their love naturally shows in all of their portraits. Our session took place at the Mukilteo Lighthouse park in Mukilteo, WA. This lovely historic park lent it’s own air of romance to our images. Cary brought a bouquet of tulips for his bride as a special gift (and a perfect prop!) Additionally we used antique keys, a treasure chest and sea shells to play up the ocean theme.

Cary and Rachel are planning a Wenatchee wedding for this summer. For their engagement session we decided to use the beach as our backdrop to contrast their orchard wedding location. I thought it would be fun to try to illustrate a few cliche’ phrases including “love will light our way”, “you hold the key to my heart”, and “you are my treasure.” The first phrase inspired our lighthouse shots. We incorporated a set of vintage keys for the second phrase, which coincidentally could probably have opened the light house! Finally we used a miniature treasure chest and sea shells to highlight Rachel’s engagement ring. A bouquet of flowers was also used to add a pop of color.
– IJ Photo 

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