Playful Family Portland Oregon Engagement

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Looking for a wonderful example of how to incorporate your kiddos into your engagement session? This fabulous collection has so much inspiration! We love all of the fun family moments combined with some truly sweet ones of just the lovebirds. We seriously love everything about this engagement session from IJ Photo!

April and Ben’s engagement session celebrated their love of family, style, vintage, and most of all each other. This lovely couple brought April’s two boys to join us for their session in an effort to make it a celebration of their family’s union. I enjoyed working with them and the boys as we filled a rainy Portland afternoon with beautiful memories.

April and Ben wanted their session to highlight the coming together of their family and include her two boys. We both felt that their union was more about the creation of a new family than just the marriage of two people. Ben had mentioned to me when we first met how much the boys liked to wrestle with him. Knowing these few little things about the couple got my wheels turning and before you know it we had planned a session at one of Portland’s finest hotels, The Nines. This lovely four start hotel was a perfect backdrop for our session. It’s mix of classic and modern style was the perfect blend. Our session included a wrestling match, pillow fight, game of pool, coffee run, trip to a landmark theater, and ended with a visit to the dramatic St. John’s bridge. I wanted this session to tell April and Ben’s love story in a way that was personalized and intimate. To do this we added vintage elements that represented the couple’s love of coffee and reading.
IJ Photo

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