Playful Maryland Engagement

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It’s oh-so-very important for photographers to help their couples feel comfortable in front of their cameras! This engagement session from Mary Brunst Photography shows just how wonderful those naturally captured moments can be! These two are totally adorable!

My number one goal, ALWAYS, is for my clients to feel comfortable in front of my camera. Not only are the images more genuine, but the whole photo session is way more fun if everyone is relaxed and having fun! I try to make my clients forget about the camera and just enjoy the moment. The best scenario is when I’m ignored as a photographer and am thought of as a friend. That is when the genuine moments of life are able to unfold in front of my camera, without awkwardness or inhibition, and personalities are truly able to shine….. And Bryce and Megan’s engagement session was full of sweet moments just like that :).

They are a couple so obviously in love, and so obviously each others best friend. I had an absolute blast hanging out with them and photographing them in downtown Frederick, MD along the Carroll Creek Promenade… where Bryce had proposed to Megan a few months earlier.

Bryce and Megan are so much fun, and so much fun together! During their whole photo session they were teasing each other and just having fun letting loose and being silly. As with all engagement sessions, I told Megan and Bryce to try to pretend that I’m not there photographing and to try to just be themselves; so that being said, I turn to grab my camera out of my bag and look up to see Megan giving Bryce a wet willy! HAHA! These two are hysterical, and just a ton of fun to be around. Everything from a walk in the park to swinging on the swings on the playground, their session was fun, sweet, and so very genuine. It was such a pleasure and a privilege to be able to document that wonderfully exciting time in their lives!
– Mary Brunst Photography

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