Puppies, Balloons, and Tandem Bikes – Oh my!

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We love this quirky and sweet engagement session from Hannah Seay Photography! Read the couple’s adorable story below and check out their lovely engagement session photos!

This engagement session was absolutely amazing! We incorporated so many meaningful props for this couple ranging from their dog, to a tandem bike, to a cute little picnic and we completed the session by releasing balloons! You will love these images and this adorable couple!

Their story from the bride’s perspective:
“My family and I went on a vacation to New York City March of 2012. While I was there I ran into this beautiful, blond-haired, blue-eyed boy for literally 30 seconds. Brad and I had a VERY short conversation and then I was gone! A couple weeks Later I received a facebook friend request and from that day forward it was love at first sight 😉 Brad and I clicked from the get-go. He also had some family in Birmingham. May 2012 I took the leap of faith and flew back to New York for my very first date with this stranger I had only hung out with in person once for a few seconds! Our first date was nothing but a Fairytale to me! We danced on the rooftop, had breakfast, road a tandem bike and had a carriage ride through Central Park! Everything about that weekend was a surprise made just for me! After a few long months of Skype movie dates, writing letters, sending gifts and a couple more visits to New York, Brad was finally able to join me in Birmingham for good! I could’ve never dreamed I would be lucky enough to date someone so wonderful. July 5th of 2013, we were on a family beach trip taking pictures down at the beach, I looked down and saw a random bottle in the sand with a note inside… I picked this bottle up opened this letter and it was a letter I wrote to my dad back in August of 2005 listing the qualities, good and bad, that I wanted in my future husband! I turned around, Brad was on one knee and all of our family and friends were back in the distance holding signs that said “Will You Marry Me?” I don’t even remember saying yes! Now we are engaged and I wouldn’t have asked for a different fairy-tale story! “
– Hannah Seay Photography

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