Rustic Winter Wedding in Garrison NY

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This rustic winter wedding from emma cleary photography is glamorous, rustic, and all around fabulous. We can’t get enough of all the love and emotion captured in this stunning day!

Here’s a bit more from the photographer:
“Galina and Andrew met 10 years from the week they married, surrounded by their two children and 50 of their closest friends and family in the middle of the snow-covered mountains of Garrison, New York. Having had a decade-long romance throughout the streets of New York City, the couple got engaged at the Brooklyn Bridge on the bride’s 40th birthday. The groom, who is a professional clown as his day job, met the bride at a birthday party on the Upper West Side. Considering he walked her home 30 blocks in costume, it seemed only appropriate that he propose in full clown gear. There were tourists gasping, pointing and saying ‘there is a clown on the bridge on one knee.’ The groom first presented the bride with a love lock, etched with their names and the date they met. Then he proposed with a gorgeous ring. The proposal inspired the lock and key theme seen throughout the wedding. The couple decided to celebrate their union at the Highlands Country Club, situated in the picturesque Hudson Valley, where the building has stood since 1889. This would set the perfect background for an intimate, vintage Gatsby feel. The couple wanted their fingerprint on every piece of the wedding to create the perfect surrounding for this culminating right of passage. From invitation to goody bag, this couple customized every piece of the wedding. Their invitations were made from vintage handkerchiefs (each one unique) that they personally screen-printed, tied together with a card they hand stamped and embossed. Their escort cards were books of poetry they hand stamped and embossed (including their vows by e. e. cummings and the lyrics to their first song “I Choose You”), the first names of attending couples were written in calligraphy by the bride on vintage tags for the table numbers and were all accompanied by a small key tied on top. At each plate, a golf tee was attached to an illustrated card of “alternate uses for a golf tees” drawn by the groom to commemorate getting married by10th hole after ten years together. The tables had lace runners cut up from the groom’s grandparents old tablecloths from the 1940’s. The bride’s bouquet was wrapped in a vintage handkerchief embroidered with a ‘G.’ The flower girl sprinkled petals along with hearts cut out of love songs and little paper keys. The bride, maid of honor and flower girl all wore key necklaces. The card box was an art piece in itself created by the bride ( featuring one side that had all of the places to which they have traveled in the last ten years as well as important dates and addresses and another side featured love quotes from the escort cards poetry book. The groom serenaded the bride with the help of his old band mates. He started out with a personalized version of one of their songs “Kisses Sweeter than Wine” as both their kids held the bride’s hands. Typical to clown form, he got the guests dancing and rocking out to ‘Shama Lama Ding Dong’ and the audience participation favorite ‘Shout!’ The couple had a great time, their eyes barely breaking contact all night long and ended the night in a group hug with all the guests on the dance floor.”Photographing this wedding was so special because the couple shared so many years together and were able to have their children present. It is truly an honor to help this loving family capture this moment together”

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer:  emma cleary photography//DJ:A Perfect Blend Entertainment//Favors and Tutera//Floral Designer:Designs by Wildthings//Event Venue: Highlands Country Club//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Hugo Boss//Shoes:Ivanka Trump Shoes//Makeup Artist:jarrett brandon//Cake Designer:Pastry Garden//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Ralph Lauren//Dress Designer:Sue Wong//Ring Designer:Tiffany & Co//

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