Snow Loving Virginia Engagement

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It’s no secret that we love snow here at Be Minked. There’s just something so dreamy about that blanket of pure white. This engagement session from Alyssa Renee Photography captures that dreaminess just perfectly.

Erin wanted their engagement session in the snow, so we were on-call all winter for a day that would work for all of us. We have spent a great deal of time on ‘snow watch’ getting hyped by the weather man and e-mailing back and forth asking “do you see snow?”, “I don’t see snow.” We even turned to the farmers almanac at one point! We FINALLY lucked out with this out-of-the-blue snow storm! Tyler and Erin braved the snow and ice to get to Government Island where they totally rocked their shoot. As comfortable and natural as they look in their photos you would never be able to tell it was 6 degrees outside with whipping winds! I am so happy we got our snow day!
Alyssa Renee Photography

Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler6_low Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler42_low Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler82_lowPhillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler50_lowPhillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler46_low Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler66_low Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler86_low Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler97_low Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler121_low Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler128_low Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler178_lowPhillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler140_low Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler149_low Phillips_Childress_Alyssa_Renee_Photography_ErinTyler155_low

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