Steamy Virginia Beach Engagement

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We’re so in love with this engagement from Marie Violet PhotographyFirst off, this couple is totally gorgeous {seriously – they could be professional engagement session models, no?}. Second, this session is just so totally awesome. From the gorgeously documented steamy moments on the beach while snuggled in a blanket, to the fiercely romantic candids at the hangar – it’s all so {sigh} lovely.

Brittany & Brent’s engagement session was carefree, candid and romantic. These two sweethearts are very relaxed and happy to be in front of the camera, and with their busy careers they loved having this time together. When we arrived at the beach, we were delighted to see a cozy hammock near by, so without hesitation the couple jumped in and made themselves comfortable. From there, we headed to the beach, the winds were cold that day and both were thankful Brittany brought a warm blanket to snuggle under. One of the most remarkable things about this couple is how comfortable they were with one another, they love to show their affections to each other and they truly were in the moment of simply just “being” together. Their was no camera shyness, nor stiffness, unlike some couples I have to coax to relax in front of me, they were just happily enjoying the quiet time, the kissing and the whispering of lovely words to each other.

Brittany knew from their very first date that he was the one. They shared much in common and despite the typical banter as first dates typically go, they talked about intimate personal things, their hopes, dreams and their goals that you usually save for several dates later. They shared much in common about what they believed marriage was and what they were looking for in a partner. During this date, her heart was racing and she knew she was in trouble, for she was already falling in love with him on their very first date. Skip ahead and a few years down the road and we come to their engagement session. These two lovebirds are playful, romantic and thoughtful to one another, he makes her laugh uncontrollably and you can just feel how happy they are when they are together. With their busy work schedules, time alone together is a precious commodity. He is a dentist and she is a dental hygienist, they both work long hours at different practices, so for their engagement we decided to take the time and create the perfect session for them. We began our session with a sunrise session on the beaches of Sand bridge in Virginia Beach after much cuddling and laughter we packed up the blankets and headed to the Military Aviation Musuem. Brittany adores the vintage planes and wanted to incorporate them into her session. During our time at the Musuem we enjoyed viewing all the planes and enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had. These two lovebirds are set to marry on May 3rd 2014 and I can’t wait to see how the wedding unfolds!
– Marie Violet Photograph

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Photographer:  Marie Violet Photography//Museum:Military Aviation Musuem

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