Sweet & Airy Boston Maternity Session

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This charming Maternity session from Bella Wang Photography is filled with love and an intimate lifestyle approach. We love the simplicity and sweetness!

Here’s a little more from the photographer:
“These two sweethearts hadn’t yet announced their pregnancy to the social media world and these images were used as an announcement to their friends and family that couldn’t be with them in the Boston area. Nic is a stunning new mom and she styled herself beautifully for the session. It was kept fun, sweet and light – just like the couple themselves. Nic kept a charm that her mother and sister both held onto while they delivered their daughters on her night table. ?It of course accompanied her in the delivery room as well. During the session, Aaron couldn’t help but steal a look and admire his wife.A month later they introduced the world to their daughter and I was also on hand to capture her first days of life. ?It’s amazing to help couples tell the story of their love and lives to friends & family.”

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