Sweet & Elegant Ireland Wedding

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We love this romantic Ireland wedding from Weddings by KARA! It’s filled with so much love, emotion, and picture perfect decor! So so elegant and sweet!

From the Lovely Bride:

When planning the day the only thing that concerned us was feeling happy, relaxed, comfortable and able to have fun. Everything we chose we chose because it would allow us to do this. We weren’t concerned with colour schemes or tiny details because we knew they weren’t going to make or break the day either way and we decided to choose the easy option and not worry about these things.

The proposal? It was my birthday and we were living in Chicago at the time so Cormac planned a night away in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to celebrate. We went for dinner and afterwards back at the hotel, he asked me to check the meal receipt to see was everything right…. He had written it on the receipt 🙂

We went for a Catholic ceremony. We had both been brought up as Catholics, went our own ways with our beliefs, went against religion for years, but in maturity (relatively speaking!) we realised that spirituality has its place at the heart of all religious doctrines and we wanted spirituality to be at the heart of our marriage ceremony. We chose Karina as our photographer because we saw her at work at our friend’s wedding and also saw the photos afterwards. We knew that’s who we’d book if we ever got married! Marriage is two people saying to one another, I’m there for you. Committing to this each and every day. And it is no effort. It is natural easy and beautiful. We love it. Of course you can do this without a wedding or a ceremony, but by dedicating a whole day to it, you allow all your loved ones to become a part of that love and commitment. This is something we didn’t understand until we got engaged.

My favourite parts of the day were the photo shoot straight after the ceremony, which was just myself and Cormac, and then the drinks reception which we were lucky enough to have outside while listening to Jazz followed by traditional Irish music. Nobody wanted to leave it, to go for dinner! For the meal we chose Pig on a Spit for the main. Starter was a Celeriac and truffle oil soup and dessert was Tarte Tatin. We had the speeches after mains and before dessert because invariably, everyone is famished come dinner time and we wouldn’t leave them waiting! We had both fathers speak, groom, and best man.

If you like a supplier, book them. You picked them because you like what they do, so as I said, stand back and allow them to do what they are best at. At the end of the day, they do know way more than us. This also reduces stress! Trust that your day will flow if you allow it to. Also, it’s not true that it will be the best day of your life, because there will be so many to follow. But it is the start of the best days of your life.

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The Wedding Pros:

Photographer:  Weddings by KARA//Dress Store: Bella Bleu Bridal//Hair Stylist:Bridal Hair by Marie//Floral Designer:Cashel Flowers//Reception Venue:Kilshane House//Jewelry: Knightsbridge Boutique //Band:Soul Driven //Shoes:The Ivory Rose//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Tom Murphy//Makeup Artist:Yvonne Maher//Bridal Headpiece: Stella’s Design

Be Minked Founder + Photographer + Designer + Partner @ Mon Petit Studio